Lex Specialis says the opposition is obliged to recognize the results of the elections

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Opposition representatives who accepted the bill on the implementation of the Agreement on the creation of conditions for free and fair elections at the same time committed themselves to accept the decision of citizens at the ordinary parliamentary elections to be held in October this year.

The explanation of the bill to which Dnevne Novine daily had access writes: “The Prime Minister of Montenegro, at the session of the Assembly on January 27, 2016, offered that oppositional political parties enter the government, which would be composed of representatives of the government and the opposition. On the basis of the accepted offer, political entities that have signed or endorsed the Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections, have committed themselves to accept results of elections organized in accordance with this Agreement, as the indisputable decision of Montenegrin citizens”, reads the explanation of the lex specialis signed last night by representatives of the government and the opposition, writes DN.

The aforementioned law states that it is being passed “in order to create conditions for strengthening confidence in the electoral process and eliminating the reasons for contesting the regularity of the upcoming elections”.

Draft Law also precisely defines positions to which hew cadre will be appointed, in order to ensure that state resources are not being misused for any one political party. This basically means all election-related finances will have to go through these persons, mainly appointed from the opposition, or that not a single euro can be granted from municipal resources without their written consent.

In addition to the appointment of those persons, the Law specifically prescribes the manner of appointment of the Inspector General of the National Security Agency.

By nature, Lex Specialis will enable politicians in these new positions within the government to bypass existing legal procedures and act exclusively on the Law in their appointing of new personnel, assistants and other election-relevant employees.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro