Liberal Party runs in local elections in Kotor independently: Andrija Popovic to be the first candidate on the electoral register

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Liberal Party of Montenegro (LP) will run in the upcoming local elections in Kotor scheduled for 16 October independently, it was decided at the session of the party’s Municipal Committee yesterday.

Andrija Popovic will be the first candidate in the party’s electoral register and the candidate for the president of the municipality.

As the party pointed out, in the future it will push for adoption of spatial plans that will represent a balance between progress, development and social aspects, on the one hand, and environment quality on the other.

“The harmony of nature and architecture, rich cultural heritage, historical treasure of achieved unity of history, art and architecture, make an engine of growth that we will valorise. We will advocate decisions on how to organise life to be made by those the decisions are referred to – residents of Kotor. All this is in the interest of creating good living conditions and restoring the status of Kotor that the town deserves”, the Liberals stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro