License coming soon: Construction of the highway begins next week

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Issuing of the construction license for two most demanding projects on the section of highway from Smokovac to Matesevo is a matter of days, and beginning of the construction of the first Montenegrin highway is expected next week, it was reported by Pobjeda according to several sources.

First two objects that will be built on the section on which the lowest distance from the sea level is 63 meters and the biggest is 1100 meters are tunnel Vjeternik with 3 kilometres length and bridge Moracica with with one kilometer length. Ministry of sustainable development is ready, as Pobjeda reports, to issue the license quickly as soon as the project documentation arrives for these two objects. A signal for the beginning of the construction is expected in Monstat as well, which is in charge of managing the project.

Expert team from Chinese company CRBC insisted that two biggest and most demanding objects are constructed first because works on them will last the longest.

Considering the different standards of construction in China and Europe, and that National commission for audit of technical documentation insists on application of European regulations, a lot of effort and time was invested in order to adjust the standards. According to Pobjeda’s information, half a year was spent only for making appropriate geodetic surveys with necessary studies.

Pobjeda was also said that main project can differ from the original up to 10 percent, and that CRBC company has a right to propose changes if they think that the changes might speed up the construction, reduce the costs of the investors, increase efficiency of labour or increase the value of final works.

The initial plan was to start with construction of the highway in spring of the last year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro