Lipka: Independence inspired creative forces



Montenegro has used ten years of its renewed independence in the best possible way, said Frantisek Lipka, who was the president of the national electoral commission for referendum of 2006, at the honorary session of Montenegrin Parliament held in Cetinje.

“Montenegro decisively and quickly moved forward showing that she wants to make up for the time lost in years of Yugoslav crisis and regional wars as soon as possible. Renewal of independence, as we can see by the today’s results, inspired creative forces and empowered self confidence of not only political elites, but the whole society as well”, said Lipka.

“Referendum paved a way from Balkan past burdained with tensions and conflicts to the future in the family of developed democratic countries joined by principles of common democratic values in European Union”, he said.

He added that during these ten years Montenegro has positioned itself very well on European and world map.

Democratic maturity of Montenegrin society, as he added, is confirmed by successful political dialogue that was happening in previous several months regarding the electoral process.

“This is one of the most sensitive issues for any country which also sets Montenegro apart from other countries of the region”, said Lipka.

He thinks that success of Montenegro can be best seen through comparison with former Yugoslav republics.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro