Lithuania: Protocol in translation, ratification very soon

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Lithuanian parliament will not prolong the process of ratification for Montenegro to join the Alliance. I believe that the Protocol is now being translated and that everything will happen very soon, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevičius for Pobjeda daily.

“Perhaps the change of Government will cause a slight delay, but there are no serious obstacles, because no one in Lithuania opposes the ratification”, said Linkevičius.

He said Montenegro’s presence at the Summit in Warsaw proves that NATO continues to expand.

“Open Door Policy is a living process. You know that there was some doubt whether this process will continue, but there’s no more doubt, because we now have Montenegro in NATO. This is a huge thing for the region, for Montenegro and for NATO itself, because this gives hope to other aspirants as well”, said Linkevičius.

He explains that NATO and EU give aspiring countries power for transformation and for heavy domestic reforms that have to be taken.

“The decision to join the Alliance has made Lithuania stronger and safer. Today, we are better prepared to help countries aspiring to transform.. I would also say that NATO membership is a strategic choice of each individual country and its people”, said Foreign Minister of Lithuania.

He stressed that Lithuania is a big supporter of EU enlargement policy.

“In our opinion, all European countries have the right to be members of the EU once they meet certain criteria. I can hardly talk about deadlines and dates, I can assure you that we will continue to support the EU enlargement policy, and that certainly, we will help Montenegro on the road to EU, because it is a tedious and long process”, he said for Pobjeda daily, stressing the relations between Montenegro and Lithuania are very good.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro