LIVE: VIDEO: 6,5% voter turnout by 9am! Different issues – cannot turn on the devices, ballot boxes disappearing, voters supervised from cars…

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Parliamentary elections are being held in Montenegro, tenth since multi-party system was introduced, fourth since independence. Local elections in Budva, Kotor, Gusinje and Andrijevica are being held at the same time. Polling stations were opened at 7am, and they will be closed at 8pm. 528.817 are registered to vote. CDT data shows that 6,5% voters voted by 9am, which is 34.500 people.

CDT said that the voter turnout is higher than on parliamentary elections in 2012, when 5,6% voters came out by 9am.

CEMI observers report many irregularities in the first hour – polling boards do not know how to turn on the electronic identification devices, party henchmen are sitting in cars close to polling stations and talk to voters.

Irregularities noted by CDT

– Ulcinj (polling station 36, Sadiković) – committee is counting ballots and doubles;

– Polling station 36, Sadiković, in Ulcinj, was visited by the State Election Committee SEC. The interruption lasted one hour and 18 minutes, so the voting will be prolonged for that time.

– Polling station Jugooceanija in Kotor is not prepared to ensure voting secrecy;

– Polling station 14, Dnevni centar, Nikšić, president of polling board is reading voters’ names aloud during identification;

– Polling station 22, OŠ R. Manojlović Kolašin, authorized party representative has a copy of election register;

– Electronic identification issues in Petnjica, Plav, Bijelo Polje, Kotor

– Near polling station in Škaljari, Kotor, there are promotional billboards by parties closer than 100 meters;

Irregularities noted by CEMI:

09:14 Nikšić, PS 17

Ballot box for voting by letters has disappeared around 8am and no one knows where it is.

09:03 BM PS 65a Podgorica

Voter was allowed to cast a vote although he was not properly identified.

08:43 Rožaje, PS 4, 33, 34, 42

There are party activists sitting in cars with lists. They are talking to voters who come into their cars after voting.

08:37 Podgorica, PS 75

The device stopped working. No break is made and old system of voting was used.

08:31 Ulcinj, PS 36

Municipal electoral committee decided to close this polling station.

08:32 Petnjica

Electronic devices fixed after polling board was unable to turn them on.

08:20 Kotor, PS 11

Promotional billboard 15 meters away from the polling station.

07:59 Cetinje, PM 12

President of committee was using a phone which is not allowed according to article 71a of the Law on election of representatives and MPs. President said he is allowed to do it.

07: 49 Podgorica

Electronic identification device is not working and committee wants to turn to old system of voting.

Podgorica, PS 102 power went out so old voting system was used

– Bar – PS 48 opened 30 minutes later. Space was change due to its being inadequate.

-Tuzi, PS 116 voter publically announced his vote. Ballot was accepted anyway and this incident was not noted in the Record

-PS 49 – voter took a photo of his ballot. Ballot was accepted anyway and this incident was not noted in the Record.

– PS 36 Ulcinj closed due to 8 double ballot papers

Instead of a spray – electronic identification

October parliamentary elections are the first that will use electronic identification of voters. This system of identification was used only in local elections in Tivat before.

Voter must be electronically identified. Voters who turn down electronic identification will not be allowed to vote.

Electronic identification device will show photo of the voter and print a paper confirmation with his name and last name, unique personal number and his serial number from electoral register. Confirmation is then signed by polling board.

Parliamentary elections in 2012 were overseen by 1.345 observers, this time there are 2.607 observers.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro