Ljesar: It’s not certain that a palace of Illyrian kings was unearthed in Risan

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Centre for Conservation and Archaeology of Montenegro cannot certainly confirm that the Polish archaeologists have unearthed a palace of Illyrian kings in Risan, said the director of the centre Liidja Ljesar.

The Centre for Conservation and Archaeology of Montenegro began works on the rehabilitation of the site Carine in Risan and conservation, restoration and adequate protection of that site in July, immediately after the research.

“An intensive implementation of conservation work on archaeological remains of the palace is the product of a change in the strategy of implementation of archaeological research. The current approach, implied primacy of archaeological research without implementation of conservation measures in the discovered architectural remains. Therefore, the sites, for the most part, were without adequate protection and sites were devastated, neglected and physically unsecured and unprotected”, Ljesar said.

As stated, they are confident that this year’s conservation work (which represents a continuation of the fifteen years of archaeological research carried out in cooperation with the University of Warsaw) will be a good guideline for all the institutions dealing with archaeological research and conservation measures implemented at archaeological sites.

“We also believe that this will lead to a review of the methodological approach of archaeological research that has been carried out so far on Carine in Risan and introducing changes that will include better care on mobile and immobile findings during the conduct of the research itself”, Ljesar said.

She said that during archaeological excavations last year in Division VIII and this year in Sector VIII/2, architectural remains of the palace, which is assumed to have belonged to the Illyrian Queen Teuta, were discovered.

“But this cannot be certainly confirmed yet. The results of the analysis of mobile archaeological findings from this site, which are underway, will provide more data for accurate attribution of this palace”, she said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro