Lješković: I saw nothing and helped no one

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“I did not commit the crime I was accused of and I do not feel guilty. I helped no one. If someone did something, I did not see it, and even if I did, I could not recognize anyone”, said Radosav Lješković, suspended commander of SAJ, during his hearing at Basic Court in Podgorica yesterday. He is charged with helping his unit cover evidence of citizens’ beatings during DF protests on October 24th last year, Dnevne Novine daily learns.

Lješković said he believed that attack on SAJ units was planned.

“I am certain that attack on us was planned, and that weapons were provided beforehand. There were that many stones on Podgorica streets”, Lješković said.

He explained that 15 days after the protests, he received official notes in which two of his employes stated that they used force with Milorad Martinović, because they were attacked first. He said he sent these notes to Director of Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović immediately.

Banović: We did everything to uncover the truth

Second in command in SAJ, Mirko Banović, said that they held a unit meeting in the night between October 24th and 25th.

“We knew force was used, but we did not know who used it. We could not go into detailed investigations because we expected to be asked back on the field”, he said.

In the following days, they insisted to find out the truth.

“We lead an investigation and two individuals came forth. We did everything to reach the truth”, Banović said.

Guerilla fights

PJP Commander Dragan Blagojević and Chief of CB Podgorica Jovica Rečević were witnesses at the hearing yesterday, and they said that this was not an easy night for the police, because they were under attack by stones and bats.

Rečević explained that there were guerrilla fights against the police that night.

After the video of the incident with Martinović leaked, he reminded all commanders to submit report on use of force, and Lješković did not do it within the 24 hour deadline, so he forwarded the findings without his report.

Blagojević said that his colleague Igor Razić let him know that the driver of Mercedes with LSCG registration plates almost ran over him.

“Had he not jumped, he would have been killed. After the car was stopped, Martinović started swearing. After the warning, Martinović ran away”, Blagojević said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro