Ljeskovic to be temporarily suspended

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Interior Minister Goran Danilovic is to make a decision on temporary suspension from work of the commander of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ), Radosav Ljeskovic, due to shortcomings and inadequate acting during the protests held on 24 October 2015.

Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica filed an indictment against Radosav Ljeskovic due to the criminal offense of providing assistance to a perpetrator after committing an offense.

“The investigations in a number of cases indisputably proved that SAJ had unnecessary and illegally applied force against certain citizens on 24 October causing them body injuries”, the basic state prosecutor Danka Ivanovic-Djeric earlier said.

According to her, Ljeskovic helped members of SAJ so that perpetrators of the offences among them remained unknown.

“Not only that he failed to process them, he also agreed with the unit members to conceal all the facts regarding their activities in the event”, the prosecutor said.

The court informed the Police Directorate on this.

“Immediately after the minister found this out, he sent a letter to the police director Slavko Stojanovic two days ago, pointing to his obligation to act in accordance with the law in relation to the temporary suspension the SAJ commander from work”, the Interior Ministry stated.

Therefore, Stojanovic sent a motion for a temporary suspension of SAJ commander from work to Danilovic.

“On the basis of the proposal, the minister will make a decision… as soon as the other legal preconditions are met, ie after the implementation of the procedure provided by the Law on Administrative Procedure”, the ministry said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro