Lješković under temporary suspension

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Minister of Internal Affairs Goran Danilović signed today a resolution to put Radosav Lješković, commander of Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, under suspension due to inappropriate conduct during protests of October 24th of last year.

“Commander of Special Anti-Terrorist Unit is to be temporarily put under suspension, due to the charges of Basic State Prosecution in the case of crime act accomplice to crime actions”, it was said in MIA.

During his suspension, his ID and weapon will be taken away.

“The suspension will last until the criminal trial is over”, they said in MIA.

Minister Danilović signed the resolution after director of Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović submitted suggestion for temporary suspension.

Investigation proved that during DF protests of October 25th, members of SAJ used unnecessary and overwhelming force, injuring citizens.

The Prosecution stated that Lješković helped SAJ members to avoid punishment. The Court notified the Police Directorate on these developments, which is why Stojanović submitted the suggestion to Danilović, that was granted by the Minister.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro