Local elections can not be held on April 15

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It has been concluded that the local elections in Podgorica and 11 other municipalities cannot be legally held on April 15, when presidential elections are scheduled for, it is annonced from the office of the president of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic.

It is reported that no opposition party, or the coalition or anyone Montenegro, address with a written proposal to President of Montenegro to schedule the local elections on the same day when the elections for the President of Montenegro were scheduled.

During this year, local elections in Montenegro should be held in Podgorica and 11 municipalities.

“Bearing in mind the terms for announcment of elections form the Article 14. of the Law on election of Montenegrin delegates and deputies, taking into account the need to hold elections in one day, and in keeping with the deadlines, the president should inform the public on the day of the local elections, ‘’ it is said in the announcement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro