Lot of traffic on Tivat Airport

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The number of planes landed on Tivat Airport has increased for 12,3% compared to June of last year, while the number of passengers increased for 11,6%.

Jovan Mačić, Director of Tivat Airport, said that 871 planes landed in Tivat in June, and they transported total of 147,1 thousand passengers, Boka News reports.

“The numbers have increased. Last year we had 131,8 passengers and 774 planes”, Mačić said.

He said there is more work to be done, which is confirmed by the fact that Tivat Airport had 24 flights on Monday, in total of 48 rotations with destinations such as Belgrade, Moscow, St Petersburg, Minsk, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Amsterdam and London.

According to Mačić, in the last six months, Tivat Airport noted traffic of 2,1 thousand planes and 291,6 passengers which is 8,2% and 6,5% more than last year at the same time.

„We are pleased with this development, and judging by predictions, we are only getting started. I believe we will accomplish our goal to have yearly traffic of more than million passengers”, Mačić said.

He said that Airports of Montenegro is working on creating conditions for reconstruction of Tivat Airport.

Projects is finalized, and its most significant part is a new, bigger terminal building that will be built north of current terminal.

This construction will cost a few tens of millions of EUR, and Tivat Airport will have capacities for 3 million passengers a year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro