LSCG ideas still alive

The establishment of the Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (LSCG) is among the most important events of the last century in Montenegro, said one of the founders of LSCG, Vukic Pulevic, pointing out that the ideas of the party are still living, though it actually does not exist.

On the occasion of today’s 25th anniversary of the LSCG, Pulevic said for the Portal RTCG that he approached this movement rationally and pragmatically, and that it was a great honor to be a member of that party.

“It was a huge Montenegrin energy that has awakened, and it had so much power that it was difficult to control it and bring it down to organizational forms. LSCG can change its form but it will still remain in other shape”, said Pulevic.

He said it was fortunate that the LSCG idea of an independent Montenegro was adopted by other parties on the eve of the referendum of 2006.

“This idea was accepted and spread out, regardless of the fact that it was closely attributed to the Liberal Alliance. Even today, people who are on that particular “line” are called liberals, although there is nothing left of the organization”, said Pulevic.

Asked on how he looks at today’s programe objectives that LSCG was based on, Pulevic said that ‘’people from that era are rehabilitated’’ again.

“A major contribution to the LSCG was given by Misko Vukmanovic, who devotedly worked on the creation of the party. It is therefore very important that regional journalism prize was established that bears the name of this prominent Montenegrin journalist and publicist”, said Pulevic.

Pulevic believes that Montenegro needs to strengthen its institutions.

“Both governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientific, media and political institutions should be established, so that Montenegro could defend and improve its historical path”, he said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro