Lukianov: Accession of Montenegro to NATO is its own choice and matter

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Opposition to expansion of NATO is a constant that follows foreign policy of Russia ever since the breakdown of Soviet Union. Military doctrine of Russian Federation from 2010 sees expansion of NATO as a main military threat for national security of their country, but also the current foreign policy concept emphasizes that Russia has negative attitude toards expansion of the Alliance.

In this consistent aspect of Russian politics, yesterday’s statement of the member of the RUssian Council of security Evgeniy Lukianov comes as a surprise, that accession of Montenegro to the Alliance is a personal thing.

Montenegrin joining to NATO, as Lukianov said, ill strengthen the military and political potential of the Alliance. He claims that Montenegro itself is not a military threat to Russia, but that its accession to NATO will imporve its military and political potential.

“Montenegro itself is not a threat to Russia, however, its accession to NATO will probably increase military and political potential of this organization”, said the deputy of the secretary of the Council of Security of Russia, Evgeniy Lukianov, as it as reported by Russian agency TASS.

Lukianov also said that the decision of Montenegro to join NATO is a personal choice.

“That is a personal matter, it is their on personal choice. If they think that their national security will benefit from it, than it is what it is”, he added.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro