Lukovac and Vlahovic satisfied with Luksic’s presentation

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After the outgoing foreign minister of Montenegro Igor Luksic presented his candidacy for the UN Secretary General, saying that changes in United Nations’ functioning are necessary, there are the first reactions.

Former foreign minister Branko Lukovac told Antena M that Luksic presented himself and his views on the role of the UN in dealing with major challenges very well.

“I think it is good that the Montenegrin government has decided to submit Luksic’s application, currently it is pour region’s turn and every country in the region has a right to submit an application if it has an appropriate candidate. I think that this candidacy contributes to Montenegro’s affirmation”, he said.

The impressions are positive, said Miodrag Vlahovic, the first foreign minister after the independence restoration.

“It was a very polite, cultured and good performance. I think that in this way Luksic has also promoted Montenegro. The United Nations certainly need changes, but this is an extremely complex and long process”, said Vlahovic.

Lukovac emphasises that Luksic, if elected, would be the youngest secretary general so far, adding that it is hard to predict anything.

“The moist of the secretaries general were over 60, so he brings something new – youth with the knowledge and significant experience. It is hard to predict what the Security Council and the General Assembly will give a priority to. Although the region has the advantage, it does not necessarily mean that they will opt for a candidate coming from it. The question is whether the priority will be given to this, the experience, the country of origin, or a recommendation that women should have a priority”, Lukovac said.

He also points out that, since the Security Council mostly recommends a candidate to the General Assembly, the question is whether the permanent members with veto power, such as Russia, will rebuke Montenegro not only because of NATO, but also because of joining EU sanctions over Ukraine.

“Whatever the outcome is, I think the candidacy is useful and that it will lead to Luksic’s engagement Luksic in one way or another in the UN system and international organisations”, he said.

Vlahovic says it is too early to talk about Luksic’s chances to become UN secretary general.

He also criticises Demos due, as he put it, inappropriate and incorrect statements regarding Luksic’s candidacy. Demos previously assessed that there was no chance for the Luksic’s candidacy to be successful.

In addition to Luksic, there are eight candidates running for the UN head office.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro