Luksic made great presentation in UN

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It is hard to predict who has the gratest chances to become new UN Secretary General, said UN Resident Coordinator for Montenegro Fiona McCluney.

‘’As you know, Igor Luksic is one of the eight most competent candidates for the first person of the UN. Most of them come from Eastern Europe, but there are some candidates who have extensive experience in the United Nations system. For example, Antonio Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal, was for ten years head of the UNHCR. There is also Irina Bokova, a former foreign minister of Bulgaria, now leading UNESCO, and we have a former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, who heads the UN Working Group for the development and is the Administrator of UNDP. You must have heard that there is a lot of interest for the next Secretary General of the UN to be a woman, but we will see what would happen. Any prognosis at this time is not possible, but certainly, we hope to get the best possible candidates, who will with strong integrity do the job of the first man of the UN”, said McCluney.

She explains that it was a great pleasure to watch the presentation of Igor Luksic, who, as she says, showed high competence in presenting his vision of performing the functions of the Secretary General of the UN.

“Luksic has shown a deep understanding of the complexity of the work and the UN mission, he touched on some very important issues that have global and regional importance – peace and security, migrant crisis, empowerment of women, protection of human rights, the growing relevance of the voice of young people in further development of the UN. He showed a deep understanding of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as sustainable development goals, including component of climate action. He also showed understanding for innovations in the work of the UN, as well as the search for new forms of multilateralism, in order to efficiently respond to new global challenges. I’m very glad to see that in the context of his presentation, Dr. Luksic presented the very positive experience of cooperation between Montenegro and the UN system, particularly the concept of “Acting as one”, the transition to a more coherent work of the UN and the host country”, said McCluney.

UN Resident Coordinator recalls that one of the novelties of this year’s Secretary General election is that the candidates present their programs publicly. Opportunity to ask, besides the representatives of the Member States, have the civilian sector representatives too, and Luksic received more than thousand questions.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro