Lukšić: My candidacy for the leader of DF was never an option

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Former chief of Montenegrin diplomacy Igor Lukšić denied speculations that he was once a candidate for the leader of DF.

“It is surely a lively construction, but it was never an option, or if it was, I was not aware of it, nor interested in such a matter, because I do not believe things change in that way”, he said in the TV show “Bare Truth”, Radio Antena M relays.

Lukšić added that everything he did during his time in the Government was in order for our country to fulfil 7 recommendations so the negotiations chapter with EU would open. It is a strategic goal for Montenegro.

“What is important is that there is a trajectory that is not under question and I am certain there will be no wrong turns. Montenegro cannot go back now”, he said, commenting EU integration.

The claim that Montenegrin ambassador in Italy Antun Sbutega said that Russians had offered 10 million EUR to open a military base on our territory is completely taken out of context, Lukšić said. He explained, saying that Sbutega was speaking of a subject that appeared in Montenegrin media.

“Russia showed interest in our ports and some kind of preferential treatment. However, Montenegrin Government was unable to respond to these requests”, Lukšić underlined.

Open race for the Secretary General of UN starts on April 12th in New York. Lukšić will participate in the informal dialogue of UN’s General Assembly during which he will present his agenda and his vision for UN’s development.

The less official part of the campaign has already started, Lukšić said, and commenting on the financial aspect, added that “no significant resources” will be needed from the state budget.

In order to dedicate himself to the candidacy for the chief of world diplomacy, Lukšić announced he would resign as a Vice President of the Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

When asked what he will do if his candidacy fails, Lukšić said he would probably turn to international politics.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro