Lukšić: Peace is the responsibility of all of us, we must work together

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Montenegro’s candidate for Secretary General of UN Igor Lukšić said that international cooperation is of key significance and he pointed to the danger of epidemics.

„The biggest challenge is the lack of development, because through that development we can secure peace and safety”, he said at the debate in London, where his opponents Vuk Jeremić and Antonio Gutereš also took part.

Lukšić underlined the importance of setting a framework for the development of every part of the world and he said that the donations money must be efficiently used.

„Peace and safety are the responsibility of all of us, we must all work together”, Lukšić said.

When asked about women’s role in the world, Lukšić said that violence against women must be terminated and there need to be new instruments to do this that would be legally binding.

Lukšić pointed to the importance of ratifying Paris protocol and its adequate financing.

He said that it is important for more young people to be involved in the work in UN, and he said, should he be chosen, he will appoint a woman as his vice secretary.

Lukšić said that he is concerned about increasing the budget of UN and pointed to the importance of better balancing in the finance sector.

Jeremić said that UN at this time has too weak a structure for facing safety challenges and threats in the world, such as ISIS.

He said that his intention is to be a strong advocate for human rights and he will work to prevent genocides and mass crimes.

Jeremić thinks that UN has failed to get financing from the private sector for their projects.

Gutereš said that more attention must be paid to conflict prevention and strengthening UN peace forces.

Gutereš said that UN are not to big, saying that the accent should be on efficiency.

According to the Twitter account of the organizer, all three candidates agree that members of peace forces charged with heavy crimes must be held accountable and their judgement should be brought by independent courts.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro