Luksic: Thaci is welcomed in Montenegro

Montenegro and Kosovo have no open issues, and a friendship between two countries is a model of cooperation for other countries, said Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, after meeting with the head of the Montenegrin diplomacy Igor Luksic.

Luksic said that Thaci is welcomed in Montenegro, adding that the protests on the occasion are democratic right of every citizen to express his dissatisfaction.

Thaci has said that he respects the rights of citizens, who today protest against his arrival. He pointed out that there are no outstanding issues between Montenegro and Kosovo.

“Friendship between Montenegro and Kosovo is older than our countries. I’m here to improve our relations. We have the same vision that our two countries become members of NATO and the EU. Kosovo provides full support to Montenegro on its way towards membership in NATO”, said Thaci.

He repeated that the Montenegrin minority in Kosovo will soon become a constitutional category in this country.

“The state recognizes Kosovo Montenegrin minority. During this year, we will carry out constitutional reform, where Montenegrin and Croatian communities will enter the Constitution of Kosovo”, Thaci said.

Deputy Prime Minister Igor Luksic said that Thaci is welcomed in Montenegro.

“This is a continuation of the dialogue at the highest level with neighboring countries. The relations between Montenegro and Kosovo are content, and we do everything in the interest of the citizens of the two countries”, said Luksic.

On the occasion of the arrival of Thaci to Montenegro, the protest was organized by Federation of Associations of displaced in Montenegro, the Association of Montenegrins from Metohija and the Association of Families of Missing and Kidnapped Persons in Kosovo and Metohija “Bozur”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro