Lunacek: Government to provide free elections, corruption is the main problem

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Montenegrin authorities have to secure free and democratic elections and European parliament will continue to watch this process carefully, said the vice president of the European parliament Ulrike Lunacek and added that besides many positive activities in Montenegro corruption remains the biggest problem.

Austrian parliament member form the Green party, which is one of the more active parties in the European parliament when it comes to inclusion of the Western Balkans in the EU, thinks that opening the government to reforms and involvement of opposition parties have prevented political crisis in Montenegro.

„Government not only included the opposition parties, but is showing progress in the process of preparation for elections through the initiative of the new minister of internal affairs Goran Danilovic for setting the voters lists straight”, emphasized Lunacek in an interview given to Pobjeda.

According to her words, besides many positive things in Montenegro, the main problem remains the corruption.

„It is very widespread, political elites are deeply involved but foreign investors too, even those from EU countries such as Italy, Hungary and Germany. Centers of corruption are processes of privatizations of public companies in aluminum, telecommunications and energy sector and in area of financing political parties. European parliament and European Commission have been criticizing this for years, but results are not as they’re supposed to be”, she said.

According to her the reforms need to be made quickly and thoroughly, in areas of the rule of law and basic human rights, but also in fight against corruption and organized crime.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro