Mafia strikes again: Zvicer and Kašćelan wanted by police

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Montenegrin police is searching for leaders of the so-called “Kavači” clan, Radoje Zvicer and Slobodan Kascelan, to question them on the double murder of members of a rival group, Goran Biskupović (28) and Milos Bosnjak (35), learns Dnevne Novine daily.

A bombing attack on Biskupović and Bosnjak was carried out the day before yesterday, around 4:30 PM, in Kotor settlement Muo.

For the time being, there is no intel linking Zvicer and Kašćelan to the crime, but the police are still trying to check their movements before and after this tragic event, DN wrote in an article.

“Both are currently inaccessible to the police, and are also most likely still in Kotor”, a source close to the investigation said for the daily.

In the meantime, criminal police inspectors questioned a dozen people. They also searched houses, apartments and other properties known to be used by the rival gangs.

According to unofficial information, the police, together with the higher State Prosecutor, Maja Jovićević, and forensics, investigated the crime scene.

“We collected pieces of plastic and other fragments, and sent them for expertise to try to discover what kind of explosive device was in use. The first indications are that the device was remotely activated by a mobile phone or remote control of some kind. However, it is clear that someone had to monitor victims and activate the device at the exact time when they both walked past the device. Perhaps this was done from a nearby house or via video surveillance installed on a drone. In any case, all available data lead to the suspicion that a serious mafia organization is behind this bombing” a source said for DN.

Young men who lost their lives will be buried today. Mayor of Kotor, Aleksandar Stjepcevic, said the people are in shock and quite fed up with the frequent bloody clashes between the two warring drug clans, expressing hope that the police will once and for all put a stop to their operations as well as murders.

Café Siempre at the main square in the old town of Kotor, owned by members of the Škaljari clan whose men were bombed, yesterday was closed.

In the meantime, Kotor is full of special units and special investigators. In the last seven days, Kotor police found two hidden, previously stolen cars – one red BMW, stolen from an Austrian citizen and one VW Golf 7, stolen from a Swiss national. Both cars were stashed, presumably to be used for serious crimes between rival gangs.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro