Main Committee chooses vice presidents

The session of the SDP Main Committee, which should be elected new Vice-Presidency will be held today in Podgorica.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has only one program, the program declaration and the Statute that received almost unanimous support in the recently held Congress, and intention to adopt similar document, less than a month from the Congress, is an attempt to disavow the highest organ of the party, the SDP announced.

This party reacted to media reports that the party vice president, Ivan Brajovic, would propose to the General Board the Platform for preserving the unity of the party, which requires future structure of party organs, including vice-presidents and the Presidency, to be established according to the ratio in the Congress – 55 to 45 percent.

According to unofficial information Brajovic and Vujica Lazovic will no longer be vice presidents of the SDP, while Rifat Rastoder will be President of the Council.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro