Mamula company in the process of registration

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Mamula company is in the process of registration in Switzerland, after which it will be registered in Montenegro as well. By founding this company, important plans for restoration of former prison at Lastavica island and fortress on Mamula are closer to being implemented. The main project must be completed in 6 months, and restoration in 18 months after acquiring construction permits, said PR on the project, Dragana Bećirović, for Radio Jadran.

“By registering Mamula company, we have a condition to start the implementation of first tasks in restoration of the island and the fortress. This is an investment of over 15 million EUR. Development and restoration of Mamula, fascinating abandoned fortress of historical value, will be carefully planned in order to preserve the integrity of existing objects, during the renovation to a hotel of high category”, said Bećirović.

Program of Oraskoma entails museums, 23 hotel rooms and wellness and spa, 4 hospitality objects, shops, pool, water sports club, and full infrastructure.

“Under the supervision of Directorate for protection of monuments, the construction of the main project will start and end in the duration of 6 months. During this process, a project for conservation will be done as well. Permits should be acquired in three months. From the day we acquire construction permit, the deadline for finalizing the works is 18 months”, Bećirović explained.

By founding memorial museum, historical value of the island will be recognized.

“We have completed technical analysis of the current state of the fortress. The goal of the examination was to gather all available data about the fortress. Material represents a total view of the fortress, analysing military, technical, historical and architectural aspects of the fortress, its state, and its value and significance. This helps us understand the location, and it helps us protect it”, said Bećirović.

Reconstruction of the fortress and the island is planned in accordance with conservation conditions and standards of environment protection. The destination will be a public tourist spot open for everyone, available to citizens of Montenegro and general public.

As a reminder, by the end of last year, on December 29th, Montenegro’s Parliament gave a green light for the contract on long-term lease on Lastavica island and Mamula fortress, for the period of 49 years. The contract was signed by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Branimir Gvozdenović and President of Orascom Development Holding, Samih Saviris. The public call was made on December 6th 2013, and the offers were made by Orascom and Vos Investment. Long debate about the valorization of the island followed in public.

Swiss company Orascom Development Holding will sponsor prestigious opera festival Operosa in Herceg Novi this year, through their companies in Montenegro, Luštica Development and Mamula.

“It is a patronage of a very significant festival. We will support Herceg Novi as a city of culture, because we want this environment to develop in that direction. Our company Luštica Development is responsible for the development of the project Luštica Bay, at the Tivat part of Luštica, and it will support this festival. Other part of resources we will secure through Mamula company”, PR advisor Dragana Bećirović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro