Man from Zajecar suspected to have murdered Mitrovic



Police suspects Nikola Jovanovic (52) from Zajecar, Serbian citizen, to have murdered Igor Mitrovic from Bar on July 18 in Susanj. The suspect Jovanovic, as reported by the police, is on the run, and according to the information they have, he is not in Serbia.

As the police reports, Jovanovic is on the run and has left Montenegro two days after the murder.

“According to the Serbian police, he is not on the territory of that country. The murderer was at Bar for five months, examining and planning everything in detail, ” said the head of the Group for the Suppression of Violent and Sexual Crimes, Aleksandar Boskovic.

Ten days after Mitrovic’s murder, police published a photography of a man on a bicycle believed to be the killer. The alleged killer was shot by cameras placed near the place where Mitrovic was killed.

The murderer shot Mitrovic four times.

He approached Mitrovic who was sitting in his car waiting for his wife, on the main road Bar – Sutomore, and shot him out of a nine-millimeter caliber gun.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro