Mandic: A2A is not the reason for leaving the Government

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Member of the Presidency of the Democratic front and leader of the New Serbian democracy Andrija Mandic said that the contract with Italian company A2A is not the real reason for URA’s exit from the Government and that we should ait for the decision of Demos and SDP regarding this matter.

„Former opposition joined the Government in order to prevent the abuse of public resources and destroy mechanisms on which the electoral theft of DPS is based. So they had already told us that they’re not going there because of A2A or any other international contract that the Government wants to sign. What they think of this and other contracts they could’ve shown by voting in the parliament. The decision of URA is just a reaction to the previous wrong political decision and unnecessary political wandering”, said Mandic to Pobjeda.

He said that he wasn’t surprised by yesterday’s announcement of the civic movement URA regarding the exit from the government of electoral trust.

„From what I see, URA has decided to leave the Government, and what will other groups do we’ll soon find out. At the beginning of this unusual story URA was the first to say that they are joining the government because that is the only way to prevent election fraud. It would be fair for them to say that they were wrong and that problem of election fraud cannot be solved this way. It would be honotrable from their leaders to offer a public apology to leaders of DF because of the support they have given to DPS, and not our political union which almost brought down Djukanovic’s regime by protests”, said Mandic.

According to him this political gesture would be valued as an important proof that the earlier wrong choice was a result of a bad judgement and some bad advice that the leadership of URA trusted at that moment, and not the intention to defend prime minister’s position of Milo Djukanovic and harm DF.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro