Mandic and Medojevic send DF youth to submit candidates list: They collected 58,000 and submitted 10,000 signatures

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Instead the Democratic Front (DF) leaders Andrija Mandic and Nebojsa Medojevic, DF candidates list for the upcoming general elections was submitted by the youth of the parties the alliance consists of.

They submitted 10,000 signatures to the State Election Commission (DIK) and say that they collected 58,000 of them. According to the alliance, they did not submit all the signatures because of DPS and everything it does.

“We are working on toppling Molo Djukanovic day and night. From 16 October he would no longer be the future of Montenegro, but these young people”, said Nikola Jovanovic.

His colleague Marko Kovacevic said that on 16 October citizens would actually decide on referendum between the disastrous policies and restoration of Montenegro.

“Either we will work or he will continue stealing. The judgment of 16 October will be ‘He’s gone’,” said Kovacevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro