Mandic: The Prosecution Office works in favor of the DPS

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One of the leaders of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic denied the accusations that he was part of an organized criminal group preparing terrorist attack in Montenegro on the day of parliamentary elections.

Mandic said it was a staged process that aims to strengthen the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), and weaken opposition, that is the DF.

He said that he warned the Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoj Katnic that he was, as he said, on very slippery terrain when he entered the process of proving and binding false coup for DF.

Mandic said that he wished the case was concluded as soon as possible and that no one from the DF had anything to do with the case.

“Today I presented to Katnic the fact that I want this process to be concluded as soon as possible, that we, as a political organization, need to listen how he will prove our guilt, our connection with those people with whom he concludes agreements. I also informed him that the old times, the times of communism, have passed when you could first put suspects into custody, and then offer them a variety of agreements every day in order to let them out of prison, ” said Mandic. According to him, since past time is the only thing that cannot be compensated, many agree to be released in such manner.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro