Map of Montenegro, flag and coat of arms – tattoos as proof of Roveda’s love

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Marcelo Roveda, a medical technician from Brazil, visited the Budo Tomovic Cultural Centre.

In his home country, he lives in a town called Montenegro. Since he learned that there is a country called Montenegro when he was ten, he began to study and explore its history. He says that he simply became “obsessed” with the thought to visit the remote country which is close to him and make his dream comes true.

In this plan, he was helped by people from the Montenegrin diaspora: Beljo Radoncic, a member of the Board of MonteAustralija (Association of emigrants and friends of Montenegro), Milovan Jankovic from Denmark, Jovan Roganovic, Vasko Spadijer, Adis Medunjanin and others, providing him a plane ticket.

Marcelo has been trekking across Montenegro for a month. He is fascinated by its natural beauty, as well as by kindness, openness, directness, generosity and hospitality of Montenegrin people.

In addition, he expressed his love for our country by getting three Montenegrin symbols tattooed: a map of Montenegro, Montenegrin flag and coat of arms.

Before his departure for Brazil, he shared his expressions about Montenegro with the director of the Budo Tomovic Cultural Centre, Snezana Burzan. He got photographed in a traditional Montenegrin folk costume in front of the culture centre.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro