Maric forgot about Rozaje: Cancelled decisions delivered to 40 mothers

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Representative of mothers from Rozaje, who believes that their right for lifelong reimbursement from having three or more children has been denied, Rafeta Muric, said for Pobjeda that several dozens of women received cancelled decisions.

„Decisions were received by 30-40 women and every other day they’re issuing three or four more of them. No progress is made”, said Muric and emphasized that the minister of labour and social welfare hasn’t spoken to them.

Mothers from Rozaje announced earlier that after the protest which will be held in Rozaje tomorrow, they will come to Podgorica and start with hunger strike in front of the government. Muric said that they had sent a letter to the government where they asked for a decree from the government which would guarantee the reimbursement for all the mothers that have proof that they were registered at the National employment agency for 15 years or longer.

„We asked that this document includes mothers older than 65 and who were removed from the registry of the unemployed by force of law”, said Muric.

According to her words, the protest which is organized by several NGO’s will be joined also by the parents of the children who cannot realize the right to children reimbursement, retirees, disabled workers and free citizens. She said that they will not allow any party to organize a political gathering until theor demands have been met.

Minister if labour and social welfare Boris Maric didn’t answer phone calls from Pobjeda yesterday. He replied by an SMS that he’s at the meeting and didn’t answer after that. He promised to mothers of Rozaje earlier that he will do everything to solve their problem.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro