Maric ready too: Abuse of social expenditures will be prevented

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21st of May has passed, and a decade from renewal of independence, by which we’re entering the eleventh year since the referendum. Regardless of the estimations of our achievements in this period, a specific current circumstance is that Montenegro is officially getting the government of electoral trust tomorrow. Besides parties that had won the previous elections, part of this government will also be the opposition.

Successor of Zorica Kovacevic at the position of minister of labour and social welfare, non-affiliate of any party, Boris Maric is ready for a working day in the government. Since today is non-working day because of the national holiday, Maric will explain his ideas to his new colleagues tomorrow regarding ther realization prior to 9th of October when parliamentary elections will take place.

“This directions will be primarily related to transparency of ministry’s operations, prevention of party employment and abuse of social expenditures. Shortly put, realization of the implementation of the agreement as well as doing all the regular work that ministry normally does”, said Maric for CdM.

He already did some work on Friday, when he signed an agreement for social insurance between Montenegro and Slovakia, and he also had meeting with Ms. Kovacevic who was a very popular minister among people.

“I scheduled a collegium for tomorrow when I’ll meet with all the people working in the ministry”, he said.

Besides Maric, based on the Agreement on free and fair elections, a first working day on the new job will also have new ministers of finance, agriculture and internal affairs: Rasko Konjevic, Milenko Popovic and Goran Danilovic. Directly to government will also go mr. Milorad Vujovic, new vice prime minister.

Petar Ivanovic who was minister for agriculture until recently has a new task ahead of him too, because he is also new vice prime minister along with Mr. Vujovic.

All ministers promised to their job in accordance with the Constitution and the laws.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro