Marking the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina to follow

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The Treaty on the State Border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina entered into force on 20 April, it was announced from the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro.

The Treaty entered into force on the date of the receipt of the written notification through diplomatic channels, by which the parties have notified each other about the confirmation or ratification of this Treaty.

“In accordance with Article 7 of the signed contract, the Commission for the Border of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will form a joint working body authorized to mark state border on the ground as established by the Treaty. The deadline for implementation of the Treaty, and marking the state border, is three years since the entry into force of this Treaty, ” says the statement from the Interior Ministry.

The border treaty between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina was signed on 26 August 2015 in Vienna.

Subsequently, the Parliament of Montenegro, at its session of 28 December 2015, adopted the Law on Ratification of the Treaty on State Border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BiH Presidency at the meeting of 12 January this year took a decision on the ratification of this Treaty, after the consent of the House of Representatives and House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro