Marko Nikcevic the head of the new reformed police syndicate

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Montenegro has another police syndicate. Namely, in recent days the Reformed police syndicate was formed whose head is currently Marko Nikcevic, who was signed into registry of Ministry of labour and social welfare on 14th of June.

For reformed syndicate as a national organization, forming of this syndicate is very important because they want their members to be from all structures of the society, said Nikcevic for Dnevne newspaper.

“Everyone in Montenegro needs someone who will provide them with quality representation of their rights, whether they work in public administration or somewhere else”, said Nikcevic.

“This is the first time that employees of the police directorate have an alternative in a sense that they can choose. This has always been a uniformed choice in every possible way, so I think that the feeling that you have an alternative means a lot in terms of freeing people to express their opinions and suggestions without fear that it will cost them any of their rights”, said Nikcevic and added that the interest of the newly formed syndicate is very significant.

Forming of the organs of the organization is ongoing and as he said, it is very importnt to them that the story about the new syndicate is properly introduced to every employee of the Ministry iof internal affairs, police, police directorate and other public institutions with related jurisdictions.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro