Markovic: Agreement enhances the democratic capacity of the state

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The agreement among political parties and drafting lex specialis include not only the political dimension of dividing responsibilities in the executive branch, but also other social dimensions, such as the media and the economy, that relate to the improvement of the overall democratic capacity of the country, said deputy president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Dusko Markovic.

Markovic and political director of DPS Tarzan Milosevic have met today a delegation of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, led by Jan Marinus Wiersma, the vice president of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity. Knut Fleckenstein, the vice president of Socialist and Democrats in the European Parliament and Hanes Svoboda, former head of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the EP, were among the prominent members of the delegation.

“Considering the fact that the visit has been aimed at assessing the conditions of social democracy in Montenegro, as well as the role played by social democratic parties in the transformation of society, the delegation expressed a particular interest in the current socio-political situation in Montenegro, signing an agreement on free and fair elections, but also for the processes of EU and NATO integration”, DPS stated.

The officials have exchanged their views on the current socio-political situation in Montenegro, particularly emphasising that a political agreement between the government and the opposition aimed at holding democratic and fair elections is expected to be finalised.

In this sense, Dusko Markovic has presented the PM’s offer to the opposition, including four ministerial and one deputy prime minister posts, as well as other positions in state bodies, as an expression of political will to reach an agreement in order to remove doubts about the regularity of the electoral process.

Markovic has also presented the results Montenegro achieved in the previous period and the role of DPS in the overall social and political processes in Montenegro.

“He has particularly highlighted the key role of DPS in the preservation of peace and inter-ethnic harmony during the war in former Yugoslavia, as well as organising a referendum on the renewal of Montenegrin statehood according to the highest European standards ten years ago, but also tracing the strategic directions of development in the internal and on foreign policy”, the party stated.

Markovic has underscored that the DPS, with its genuine commitment to interests of the people, has been the main holder of the activities which have brought Montenegro to the level of a stable economy and reliable neighbour, which is recognised as a factor of stability in the region, a leader in the negotiation process with the EU (a country that has opened 22 chapters and provisionally closed two chapters) and a country waiting for the accession protocol with NATO to be signed.

Members of the delegation have expressed their satisfaction with the pace and activities in the processes of EU and NATO integration of Montenegro and wished success in the implementation of the agreement and the upcoming electoral process, noting that a successful ending of the political dialogue represents a long-term political capital that will serve the interests of Montenegro’s people.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro