Markovic and Drobnic: Montenegro is an example for the region

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Each year, Montenegro makes progresses and achieves results that will lead it to the end of the European integration path and full membership in the EU, it was said at the meeting between the deputy prime minister for political system, internal and foreign policy Dusko Markovic and the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, ambassador Mitja Drobnic.

During the farewell visit, ambassador Drobnic said that Montenegro was an example that other countries of the region should follow, noting that every year our country made a step forward and that it has a future in the European Union.

“He positively assessed the high public support for European integration, adding that there are numerous benefits of EU membership which can encourage the development, particularly in northern Montenegro”, the government stated.

Markovic added that Montenegro will continue to fulfil the commitments of the European agenda intensively.

“He noted that many development projects have been implemented and that he believes that in the coming period there will be a stronger economic development through the implementation of the planned investments. In this context, internal social and political cohesion is very important”, the government added in the statement.

Commenting on the political situation, Drobnic said that the government, by opening the door for the opposition, responded maturely to political crisis and provided a new quality to the work of the executive authority.

Markovic said there were no obstacles for holding fair and free elections, the results of which will be recognised by all entities, thus making legitimacy of the future government indisputable.

In this context, he said that the ID cards of Montenegrin citizens, although not electronic, contain biometric data that have been recognised internationally and are valid document that can be used for voting.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro