Marković: Clashes in Parliament because DF is collapsing

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Verbal conflicts that are increasingly common sight in the Parliament were today condemned by the Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic as well. He says the incidents in the Assembly are happening because “a political structure” (referring to the Democratic Front) is practically on the verge of collapse due to the failure of their political ideas and advocacy.

“Our Assembly used to be the example of democratic practices and respect for different opinions, not only in the region but also in Europe. A political structure is about to collapse. The idea was to prevent Montenegro from joining NATO, by any means necessary. We have seen this fail, and they are now trying to turn the Parliament into an arena for further showdown with their political regarding Montenegro’s path towards NATO. I believe we will withstand this challenge as well, because we have this potential, and we will turn our back to such backward policy in the elections in October, I’m certain”, Markovic said in response to reporters’ questions after meeting with Foreign Minister of Norway, Borge Brendel.

Journalists wanted to know whether DPS will run alone in the elections, or as part of a coalition.

“We have already said that the DPS is very intensively preparing for independent participation in the elections. I believe this is the final decision, and one that will show our political power, just like over the past two decades. We will select partners based on election results and political commitments. You know Montenegro is a country irreversibly on the road to European integration, and that we will, I believe, at the end of the year or early next year, become a formal member of NATO. This means everyone who shared these values is possibly our partner”, said Markovic.

He praised the opposition ministers and their work in the government of electoral confidence.

“I must say that the Government of electoral trust with four opposition ministers, which is not usual for a government with absolute majority in parliament, showed well. Regardless of political differences, regardless of the motives for which part of the opposition decided to enter the Government, I must say the government is working very responsibly, the opposition ministers are very active and they are contributing to the quality of work. Their efforts to identify possible weaknesses are seen as natural interests of the opposition, and we are not concerned about it”, said Markovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro