Marković: DF does not hold Montenegrin word or Montenegrin family holy

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Democratic Party of Socialists DPS will win these elections, said vice president of the party Duško Marković, and said that, no matter the result, they want more political subjects in the Government who are ready to work for the good of the state and its citizens.

“Regardless of the fact that DPS will be able to form the Government by itself, we have already clearly stated that we want more political subjects that are ready to work for the good of the state and its citizens. If, after the elections, there are such subjects on the political scene, the doors will be open to them”, Marković said to MINA Agency.

He said that the elections are a chance to draw a line and look back on the work that has been done over the past four years. He said they were the years of many interior and foreign policy challenges.

Marković said that DPS, as the strongest political party, demonstrated that it is the only guarantee of social peace and stability.

He said that the Government lead by DPS underwent many reforms and accomplished tangible results that lead to Montenegro being invited to NATO, becoming a full member by next year.

Marković said that the process of EU integration has come a long way, and now there is talk not only of opening, but also closing, the chapters.

“Our expectation is to finish this process by the end of next Government’s mandate, thus introducing Montenegro to EU family”, Marković said.

He said that economic progress has been made as well, macroeconomic stability was preserved, and many developmental projects were started.

According to him, these accomplishments are recognized by Montenegrin citizens, as many of them say during rallies in different municipalities.

Marković said that when they are in the field, they can see what needs changing, fixing, valorizing and using.

“With its program and rallies, DPS announces concrete, real solutions that will enable further progress and prosperity”, Marković said.

He said that DPS campaign at this time is very successful.

He said that DF campaign has been brutal and politically primitive, by targeting DPS and its president.

“They do not hold Montenegrin tradition, Montenegrin word, Montenegrin family holy. Campaign of frauds, offenses and primitivism”, Marković believes.

He said that DPS is leading a positive campaign striving to speak of their political opponents fairly.

“Of course, we cannot be silent in the face of offenses thrown at us, and they hold it against us. When DPS is being offended, then this is fine, but when we respond, it is inexcusable”, Marković said.

He said he understands nervousness of his political opponents, because they have come to understand that they cannot fight DPS.

“DPS is demonstrating seriousness and maturity, everyday proving that it is the keeper of state integrity, peace and stability”, he said.

Speaking of the Government of electoral trust, he said that the model is an example and a political investment.

When asked whether he expects two thirds of the Parliament to vote joining NATO, Marković said that DPS still believes that the Parliament should reach this decision.

When asked whether he believes that more parties will be opposed to EU after the elections, and especially in the light of Brexit, Marković said that some parties who used to be pro EU are now more skeptical, such as Movement for Changes lead by Nebojša Medojević.

“I am certain that after the elections those parties that are EU skeptical will find themselves at the margins of Montenegro’s political life”, Marković concluded.aključio je Marković.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro