Markovic: Government of electoral trust is a model for the political future

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Montenegro successfully fulfils its European agenda tasks and it will continue to work intensively in order to make progress towards full membership in the EU, said the deputy prime minister for political system, internal and foreign policy Dusko Markovic at a meeting with the new head of the EU Delegation in Podgorica Aivo Orav.

Markovic presented the progress in the negotiation chapters and noted that the conditions for opening new negotiation chapters and temporary closure of certain ones have been created. He added that the rule of law was the foundation upon which Montenegro was developing its integration path.

Markovic also pointed out that, after establishing and strengthening legislative and institutional frameworks, measurable results in the fight against corruption and organised crime were achieved.

Markovic said that the government of electoral trust was a model for the political future.

“With regard to the current political situation and creating conditions for holding fair and democratic elections, the deputy prime minister said that the conditions for the implementation of fair and free parliamentary elections scheduled for 16 October were established”, the cabinet stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro