Marković: I expect everyone waging a special war to be persecuted

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Vice Prime Minister Duško Marković said that he expects Special Prosecution to process everyone they claim is waging a special war against them. Everyone who is obstructing the state in that manner should be persecuted.

Marković was asked to comment on the statement of Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić about a special war being waged against him and the Prosecution. He said that he is happy to hear that prosecutors are fighting back with different approaches.

“In accordance with their jurisdiction, I expect them to process everyone who is attempting to undermine the state. They have full support of the Government and it is realistic to expect that this affair gets an epilogue in court, especially if there is enough evidence”, Marković said to Mina Agency.

He said that there are elements of political and safety stability in Montenegro. State institutions contribute to that, especially police and prosecution.

“We are aware of the dangers organized crime presents in Montenegro, and growing risks and consequences of regional crime. However, perception of citizens is bigger than the real danger”, Marković said.

The Government has provided highest standards and technical conditions for work, guaranteeing independence in work to institutions in charge of law enforcement.

Marković believes that it is of key importance that leadership is full of people with moral and professional integrity that work in accordance with law and their position, without excuses for lack of knowledge, laziness or inefficiency.

“Demanding task of strengthening rule of law in Montenegro asks not for individuals who want to be in the spotlight giving empty speeches, but professionals who fight challenges with laws”, he said.

He said that the results are dependant on teamwork and cooperation between institutions.

He said that certain individuals in the public scene are trying to depict the situation as alarming, but encouragements are coming from the most prestigious European addresses.

“Very often, and especially lately, encouragements to Montenegro come from important addresses, in order to achieve internal stability and active contributions to regional safety”, Marković reminded.

He believes that such remarks speak best of groundlessness of attitudes of certain individuals that claim that safety situation in the state is worrisome.

“If that was the case, we would have serious roadblocks on our EU path, which we do not, and it is only a matter of time before we become a member of NATO”, Marković concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro