Markovic: It is officially confirmed that the electoral roll is reliable

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Official check of the electronic voter identification system led by opposition interior minister Goran Danilovic showed that out of the 529,000 voters registered in the electoral roll, there are only 102 voters whose fingerprints overlap. Deputy prime minister Dusko Markovic said that this information also confirmed that the electoral register was reliable.

Markovic believes that this is not about double identity, because, as he explains, all these persons have different identification documents containing a photo, signature and identification number. He believes that the voters’ fingerprints were taken improperly or there was an omission in the administration. He called into mind that earlier, when the AFIS system was delivered, only one double identity was found, as well as 272 irregularities in taking fingerprints.

“Yesterday, Danilovic stated that it came down to 102 cases, which means that 170 irregularities in fingerprints taking were removed in the meantime. We’d better work on eliminating these remaining irregularities in this period than focusing on a political story that was supposed to jeopardize the quality and reliability of the electoral register. It was confirmed yesterday that it is reliable”, said Markovic.

Regarding the signing the electoral roll, Markovic is completely clear.

“The law does not stipulate the possibility to avoid signing the electoral roll. Instead it stipulates that the competent institutions provide valid electoral register for the elections. So, Danilovic has a legal obligation to provide a valid electoral roll”, he said.

As he added, he believes that the subsequent checks in the forensic centre will determine these facts and that the conditions for holding the elections will be provided by signing the electoral roll.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro