Markovic: Krivokapic is responsible too, it was all planned in advance

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Today’s incidents in Parliament of Montenegro have been planned earlier, and the responsibility for everything also goes to president of the parliament Ranko Krivokapic, said the deputy of the president of DPS Dusko Markovic at the prompt press conference.

As he said, while condemning the inapropriate thug behavior of the encouraged parliament members from Democratic front, which were brought to this high institution from the street where they have been for nine months now, and who have been taking salaries and all other benefits arising from their parliament mandates, Democratic party of socialists decisively demands that the president and the Collegium of the Parliament take adequate actions and measures in accordance with the Ethical code of parliament members.

“This is a chance to remind ourselves of the vast efforts that Democratic party of socialists, the ruling coalition and the government of Montenegro invested in previous months to reach an Agreement for creation of conditions for free and fair elections, which also served as a basis for today’s discussion about the reconstruction of the 40th government, whose part will soon become certain members of some of the opposition parties”, said Markovic.

Democratic party of socialists wants to show once again all of its democratic capacity by readiness to continue its involvement in parliament’s work if the Collegium takes appropriate measures towards the actors of today’s incident, but it will not return to the parliament until the Collegium and Krivokapic don’t make that move.

“All further action of DPS will depend exclusivelly on the actions that will be taken by the heads of the parliament in this matter”, said Markovic.

Whatever happens, DPS will know to make the right moves in order to protect country of Montenegro and its institutions.

“We would like to invite citizens to keep their calmness and have trust in the institutions of the system which are capable of protecting our country”, concluded Markovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro