Marković: Opposition frustrated because it is losing

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Vice Prime Minister Duško Marković made a guest appearance in TV show Bare Truth, saying that the decision of the opposition to leave the Government opens up questions of possible consequences. He does not want to believe that the opposition will boycott October elections.

“Whether the opposition parties will decide for a boycott of institutions, or protests, whether they will invite DF or other opposition parties.. That leaves a lot of questions open, if the Government will continue working, will the other institutions go on”, Marković said.

He commented on the possibility of the opposition uniting.

“They have not been able to win over DPS for more than 20 years, and this is the reason of their great frustration.

If they believed that coming together will help them win DPS, I think they would come together regardless of their differences, accusation, attacks…”, Marković said.

He commented on media writings on cold relations between Vice Prime Minister and main Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić, and Katnić’s statements that he is being influenced.

“I have no need to cooperate with him. I have different tasks in the Government. I have no need or interest to influence the prosecution. None at all! There is a campaign being lead against me, because allegedly, I am the leader of Mojkovac clan. Prosecution proved this as a lie, but no one is even thinking of slander against me”, Marković said.

He said that Montenegro will be a member of NATO in the spring of next year, and that the announcements on ratification being over by the end of this year are too optimistic.

He commented on the dialogue between Alliance and Russia, and said that Montenegro wants to build a relationship with Russia like it used to be.

Marković also spoke of growing global threat – terrorism of radical Islam, that is a threat to Montenegro as well.

“International terrorism does not hit states because they have different values, it hits individuals, citizens, and everyday life of cities. We can see what is happening in Europe, and the danger is real.

We are overseeing and following everyone who seems like a danger, and we stopped a few of the young people to go to Syria. So far, 23 Montenegrin citizens have been fighting at the front in Syria”, Marković said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro