Marković: Police successful in responding to safety challenges

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Coordinator of Ministry of Interior Affairs Duško Marković reminded that he supports Director of Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović and he said that he is pleased with the state he encountered at the Police in every way, including results.

“It is obvious that lately we have seen important results in very important fields of organized crime, especially when it comes to narcotics. I think that the Police, no matter its issues, has successfully responded to safety challenges and it has a responsible relation towards them”, Marković said for TV Vijesti.

When asked whether he thinks changes need to be made in the Police, Marković said that this is always a favorable model.

“It needs to be systematic and planned, of course, changes cannot be a result of campaigns and political requests”, he said.

According to him, Director of Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović has been responsible and professional in his work, and results during his mandate are positive.

“I appreciate critics. Also, I see circumstances that could have contributed to better results realistically. I do not think that the position of director and his success rate can be measured through only one organizational element of the Police”, Marković added.

Marković said that the war of crime clans requires increased police presence in Kotor and Budva.

“At the whole coast we must reinforce our operative presence, and change the character of our organization in order to respond to bigger safety challenges”, Marković said.

When asked whether it is possible that a more quality work of the police could stop mafia killings, he said that it is difficult to predict such events.

“Some murders are planned outside of Montenegro, and the executioner is brought in from, for example, South America. It is hard to predict such events, especially when it comes to international organizations. Some preventative actions from the police have stopped some murders. Police cannot be a shield between crime groups, to protect them from each other. Police is there to reveal their criminal activity, provide evidence and enforce justice”, Marković concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro