Marković: The state is strong enough to face all challenges

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Vice Prime Minister in charge of political system, internal and foreign politics Duško Marković spoke to Dnevne Novine daily saying that the safety of citizens is a measure of strength for any country and that Montenegro is stable in that regard.

„It sometimes seems that criminal is getting stronger and becoming challenging for institutions, but the state is ready and strong enough to respond”, Marković said.

Vice Prime Minister Marković commented on Lex Specialis, NATO Summit, elections. He said that DPS has been treating citizens responsibly, and that it has lead successful internal and foreign activities.

DN: Mr Marković, NATO Summit has just ended. This was the first one for Montenegro, and its delegation was lead by Prime Minister Milo Đukanović. Our country was presented as the 29th member. Comment?

MARKOVIĆ: Our delegation had a special respect during the Summit. Montenegro has found its place in the West. 220 years after Battle of Martinići, our flag is not seen shot through on some rock, but standing in the line with most developed countries on the planet. Those who have been following our progress in rule of law, defense and safety are not surprised to hear we are already treated as a member. Membership in NATO is our crucial move for the stability in the future.

DN: Do you expect that we will celebrate next July 13th of 2017 as a member of NATO?

MARKOVIĆ: I do not like to make predictions, but I am an optimist. Many years have been dedicated to our path to NATO. I believe that member states will continue to ratify the Accession Protocol in a timely manner.

DN: You said recently that you are pleased with the work being done by Government of electoral trust. On the other hand, the opposition insists on wider understanding of Lex Specialis. Are new ministers working for the Government or their parties?

MARKOVIĆ: Government of electoral trust is unique to Montenegro and I believe that it is a good model that gives incentive to everyone to work better and more efficient for the citizens. We must always remember that we are working for the good of the country and the citizens, not our personal or party interests. This is the principle we must support.

DN: President Vujanović scheduled the elections for October 16th. There were some speculations that MUP is not ready for the elections, what is your estimate on conditions?

MARKOVIĆ: Conditions are met for the will of citizens to be expressed freely, and the elections will be observed by OEBS/ODIHR. We expect more than 100 observers who will oversee different aspects of the process on the whole territory of Montenegro. I am sure that the elections will pass in a fair and democratic manner.

DN: We are witness to criminal affairs in Kotor. What is the safety situation in this city, taking into account the tourist season? Did the institutions react properly?

MARKOVIĆ: The fact is that Kotor events attracted the attention of the public, especially now that the tourist season has begun. The situation has improved during the last two months. The institutions are vigilant in this city, and I believe it was their adequate reaction that provided the necessary level of safety in Kotor. No matter how strong these groups may seem, the state is stronger and ready to respond to safety challenges.

DN: What is the safety situation in the country? How ready are we for global challenges such as terrorism, cyber warfare, migrations…?

MARKOVIĆ: Safety of citizens is a measure of strength for any country. Montenegro is stable in this regard. Our agencies analyse the cause and consequences, they create strategies for dealing with safety challenges. In terms of terrorism, cyber warfare and migrations, there are no reasons to worry. The situations is carefully monitored by relevant institutions.

There are no excuse for disturbing civic society

DN: Debate on CANU Dictionary is still relevant. President of CANU said they would not take back the Dictionary. Do you see a solution for this situation?

MARKOVIĆ: The Dictionary of Montenegrin folk and literary language has attracted significant attention. It made waves in Montenegro, which is not desirable. Even some of the members of CANU and authors of the Dictionary said that they made some mistakes. No scientific work can have such mistakes, especially not the Dictionary. No solutions that offend multi ethnical character of Montenegrin society can be excused. Any concept that disturbs the civic unity is unacceptable.

Lack of political experience to be improved with patience

DN: URA said that they have an answer ready, should they representatives face obstruction. DF invites the opposition to leave the Government and join their boycott of elections. Is DF only making provocations, or perhaps they have a deal with URA, SDP and Demos?

MARKOVIĆ: Months of dialogues, negotiations and consultations were needed before restructuring the Government. A lot of effort has been invested in strengthening the electoral process. I believe we are doing good work, despite having challenges due to a new model. We are working together to create conditions for free and fair elections. I think we all need to be aware of the responsibilities in this situation. Lack of political experience can be improved with patience.

DIK to supervise MUP and voters list

DN: A regulatory body has been recently formed in MUP, with a task of overseeing the electoral process, with representatives from NGOs and opposition. Comment?

MARKOVIĆ: I welcome any effort towards building full trust in the electoral process. But we must be aware of jurisdiction, and the fact that State electoral committee DIK is the one in charge for overseeing the elections, and MUP and voters list.

DPS ready for the elections

DN: Media recently published the results of research done by Damar agency that shows that DPS and minorities parties could get absolute majority. What are your expectations?

MARKOVIĆ: DPS is ready for the elections and I am certain that the citizens will support us. We have treated the citizens and their needs responsibly during the last four years, leading effective campaigns. DPS will see the results of its work, and there is no reason to fear otherwise.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro