Markovic: There is no coalition in Budva



Due to lack of quorum, the year’s last session of the Parliament of Budva was postponed.

The session was attended by 15 deputies, so the Speaker of the Parliament Djordjije Vujovic concluded that there was no quorum and that the session was adjourned. SNP Councilor Goran Pejovic and Independent Councilor Stevan Dzakovic did not come to the session.

Budva Mayor Dragan Krapovic said that he was disappointed with the situation and that “a government that is not able to bring a budget is not a government”.

The leader of the Budva SNP and the vice-president of the municipality Veselin Markovic said that coalition agreements were not respected and that from now on the post-election coalition in Budva does not exist.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro