Marković: There will be no "Governments inside the government

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Commenting on what the leader of Demos, Miodrag Lekic, said in the Parliament – that the opposition representatives will make a “Government inside the Government” – Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said for Dnevne Novine daily that such a thing is not possible under the Constitution, or political practice, and that such an approach of the opposition would only serve to demonstrate their political irresponsibility and immaturity.

Markovic also emphasized that the Democratic Party of Socialists will not allow the collapse or exposure of institutions.

“Ministers from the opposition will be part of the Government as a collective state body which under the Constitution has clear powers in the Government. Of course, in accordance with the law on the implementation of free and fair elections, they will have additional powers to particularly control the use of state resources. Any other approach would be unconstitutional and would not be allowed.. Such an approach would be an expression of political irresponsibility and immaturity and DPS will not allow the collapse or undermining of institutions. There are clear constitutional mechanisms and DPS will know how to use them, if things take a turn in this direction”, Markovic stressed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro