Markovic–Turner: Montenegro is a reliable partner of the US

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Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic met a delegation of the United States Congress, led by Congressman Michael Turner.

Markovic thanked for the support of the US government and people and informed the guests about the progress of our country in NATO and the European integration, as well as on the results achieved in the field of rule of law.

“The partnership between Montenegro and the United States cannot be viewed only through the prism of your strong support to our Euro-Atlantic future. In the previous decade, the United States was one of the key partners on Montenegro’s path towards its independence restoration, because this country believed in Montenegro and its capacity in moments serious challenges”, Markovic said.

He also mentioned the bilateral relations between the two countries, saying they were excellent. He also noted that the United States believed in the Montenegrin political and legal system and that the two countries worked together on complex issues such as strengthening the rule of law.

Turner congratulated Montenegro on its independence restoration anniversary, noting that the country had a serious integration potential when it comes to membership in NATO and the EU. Turner also congratulated on the political agreement that was reached between the government and the opposition and the election of the new government.

“The young democracy does not have a long tradition of resolving conflicts. Montenegro showed its maturity in this regard”, said Turner.

The officials exchanged views on current regional and global security risks. They agreed the security services cooperation between the two countries was excellent.

“Montenegro is a small country and its ability to influence the global security is not strong, but it will be a reliable and generous partner of the USA on the matters of common interest”, Markovic said.

The meeting was also attended by the US Ambassador to Montenegro Margaret Ann Uyehara.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro