Markovic: We have prepared responses in case of government obstructions

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The deputy prime minister and deputy president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Dusko Markovic, said that his party had prepared responses in case of any obstruction of the government’s work.

He expects the Parliament session, at which the lex specialis will be adopted, the new government members representing the opposition elected and the dismissal of the Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic discussed, to be scheduled for the first working day after the holidays.

“I think that the Parliament should be held on the first working day after the holidays, ie on Wednesday, 4 May. If there are different developments, then DPS will respond to them too”, Markovic said appearing on the RTCG’s talk show Okvir.

Markovic said that his party was surprised by the declaration signed by Demos, URA and SNP, according to which those parties would not enter any coalitions with DPS.

He noted that DPS entered the dialogue with the part of the opposition in order for the dialogue to become a positive political practice.

“We have based this dialogue on a good opportunity to talk try to understand each other and to create an ambience in Montenegro which would not be only a short-term one just for these elections, but an ambience and a political standard practice for the future generations of Montenegrin politicians. It may seem to you irrational at this point in the process, but it is something that our party wants, since it is not only interested in winning the elections, but also in working for the good of the country”, Markovic said.

According to him, SNP can contribute to stability in Montenegro, but “whether it will be so, depends on the leadership and bodies of the party”.

Markovic said that PM Milo Djukanovic had sent a letter to all the participants of the dialogue and then the dialogue participants said they would sign the agreement if there were a change in the public broadcaster. After that, Ms Rutovic responded as a professional and resigned, Markovic reminded.

“However, it was not enough and a new law lex specialis appeared. We have agreed about that too and signed the agreement. Now we are waiting for the names of the candidates for entering the government and institutions”, Markovic said, adding that DPS has been relaxed for a long time, waiting for the opposition’s response.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro