Markovic: We will not allow the system to be blocked

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DPS leader Milo Djukanovic signed the Agreement on Creating Conditions for Free and Fair Elections and his deputy Dusko Markovic said that the party would not allow the system to be blocked.

Vice president of DPS Dusko Markovic told RTCG public broadcaster that the party expected the session of the Parliament to be scheduled as soon as possible. Lex specialis arising from the agreement, opposition representatives in the new government and Ranko Krivokapic’s dismissal from the post of Parliament Speaker will be discussed at the session.

Markovic said that DPS was ready for the session to be held as early as tomorrow.

He underscored that it would not allow the system to be block, ie to wait too long for certain agenda items to be discussed.

“We will not allow delays aimed at avoiding voting on Parliament Speaker’s dismissal”, said Markovic.

Markovic was surprised by the declaration signed by the leaders of URA, Demos and SNP, Zarko Rakcevic, Miodrag Lekic and Srdjan Milic, according to which the parties are obliged not to enter any coalitions with DPS either before or after the upcoming general elections.

He repeated that the Positive Montenegro might enter the new government only as an opposition party.

On behalf of DPS, the agreement was signed by the party leader Milo Djukanovic, whereas leaders of URA and Demos, Zarko Rakcevic and Miodrag Lekic and the vice president of SDP Mirel Radic-Ljubisavljevic signed it on behalf of their parties.

The document was signed by the representatives of DPS, SDP, Demos, URA Civic Movement, the Bosniak Party and the Social Democrats.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro