Marković with Takačo: We are working on EU integration even after Brexit

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Montenegro will continue to be dedicated to its obligations on EU path in order to strengthen and mature its society, and it will have Hungary’s full support, it was said today during a meeting between Vice Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković and State Secretary of Hungary Sabolč Takač.

Marković said that Brexit consequences will not influence Montenegro’s determination to work intensely on its EU plan, reminding that 24 chapters have been open so far. He said that during the next period, especially during Slovakia’s presidency, there will be opportunity to open new chapters and close some of the old ones.

“Takač congratulated Montenegro on its success in the last ten years, saying that our country presents a model that region should look up to. He said that for the Government of Hungary, EU expansion to Western Balkan is a strategic priority, and it is believed that it will bring new value to EU”, it was stated in Vice Prime Minister’s cabinet.

Significant success of Montenegro is its invitation to NATO, and Hungary gave a special contribution, by ratifying the Protocol. He said that the intention of our country with NATO is to give contribution to global peace, not only enjoy the privileges of membership.

Cooperation of two states, especially politically, is estimated as excellent, but there is room for strengthening through valorization of resources and economic development.

Montenegro has a need for Hungary’s expert help in using EU funds, and Takač said that help will be available.

“It is important to note that Hungarian expert for human and minority rights has started his mission in Montenegro, that will last for one year. He will help in the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights for one year”, the statement reads.

Commenting on current situation in Montenegro, Marković said that after political crisis and instability, there is now functionality in the Government and the Parliament, and obligations are being respected. He said that the key task is to enable conditions for free and fair elections and to remove the question of legitimacy in the future, because the economic stability and development are improved with trust.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro