Marović agreed to seven months in prison

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Yesterday in High Court in Podgorica, Dragan Marović’s plea bargain was discussed. Former secretary of department for urbanism and investments in Budva admitted to taking part in frauds in the case of TQ Plaza, Dnevne Novine daily learns.

Marović agreed to seven months in prison due to abuse of official position and assistance in allocation of business spaces in business center TQ Plaza, which cost municipal budget in the amount of millions.

Marović’s attorney, Zdravko Begović, made a statement yesterday after the hearing that was closed for public, saying that should Judge adopt the agreement, the Court is due to pass the verdict three days after the document becomes legal.

“Marović signed the plea bargain in the case of TQ Plaza, agreeing to seven months in jail and no monetary punishment, due to the fact that he did not gain illegal funds in the process. He has already spent six months in reprimand, so when the time is added together, he will have three more months to spend in prison”, Begović said.

Dragan Marović was released from reprimand on May 13th, after nine months in Spuž.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro